Heifer International

(formerly Heifer Project, International) This well-known organization was begun in 1942 by Brethren Dan West, “…for the long-term health of those who strive to escape poverty and hunger.”  Their concept of “Passing on the Gift” allows the recipients of animals to pass on the offspring to another family, continuing the cycle of gift-giving.  Since 1996, our children have brought their quarters to drop into the quarter tube before the Children’s Story, purchasing a variety of animals with over $7,500 raised.  In 2008, the children voted to buy a whole Ark of animals, and reached that goal of $5,000 (plus a doubling of that amount from HI) in 2011.  Visit for more information.

Camp Blue Diamond

Our district church camp is located in Rothrock State Forest near Petersburg, PA.  Camps, retreats, and other activities for all ages are scheduled throughout the year.   At the annual Heritage Fair in September, visitors look forward to our cider press and freshly made cider, our way to support the event. Visit or call 814-667-2355.

“Serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”
– I Peter, 4:10 NRSV

Snake Spring Valley Church of the Brethren

We are thankful for a generous congregation who help to support the many ministries and outreach programs of our church!  Click here to make an online donation.

Our address is 1141 Lower Snake Spring Road, Everett, PA 15537-6658.

Phone: 814-652-5074