Expectations – Sermon Outline for 9/27/2015

Opening Question: When you think about the ministries we currently have in our congregation as well as the direction you would like to see us take in the future, what criteria do you use to make your decisions? Are they based on what’s best for the congregation – or what’s best for you and your family? (Of course, sometimes what’s best for you is what’s best for the congregation. But, what if it isn’t?)

1) The Christians at Corinth were struggling with divisions and controversies in their congregation, including the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:17-34). Based on historical research, it appears the wealthy members of the congregation were eating choice foods and drinking wine in the dining room and were not sharing it with the poorer members of the congregation who were relegated to the atrium area of the house where they were meeting.  Paul chastised them for acting like this because in the church there are to be no social or ethnic boundaries.

2) To help them understand this, he reminded the rich Christians that Jesus Christ shed his blood and broke His body for them as well as for the poorer members of the church. As a result of the sacrifice Jesus made for them, they needed to realize God expected them to act better than this because when they sinned against other people, they are also sinning against the Lord. Because of these sinful habits, some of them were weak and sick and God had even removed some of them through death.

3) This passage shows God also has the following expectations for us as well: A) We are to put the good of the body (that is the church) above our own personal wants and desires. And B) We are to take our sin seriously because God certainly does. (more…)

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Greetings everyone,

Here is the sermon outline from Sunday (9/20/15). I realize it’s a bit complicated so contact me if you have any questions.

1) Luke, the author of Acts, opens Acts with a reminder that his previous book (Luke) told all that Jesus did and taught.
– Our salvation is based on what Jesus did, not what he said or thought.

2) We need to understand Luke before we can truly understand Acts.
-Luke 4:14-30 is Jesus’ first recorded sermon in Luke. In this passage,
he states He is the fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1-2a. (more…)

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Living in Peace

Here is the outline for yesterday’s sermon from John 14:15-31 about “Living in Peace”:

1) The world defines peace as: freedom from war, tranquility, mental calm, harmony, peace treaty and law and order.

2) Although there are times when we experience some worldly peace, for the most part it doesn’t happen because life is difficult and the world is full of sinful people.

3) Jesus said He offers us peace but His peace is different from the world’s definition of peace. His peace is “shalom” which means wholeness, completeness, health, security and even prosperity. (Vs. 27) (more…)

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