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Greetings everyone,

Here is the sermon outline from Sunday (9/20/15). I realize it’s a bit complicated so contact me if you have any questions.

1) Luke, the author of Acts, opens Acts with a reminder that his previous book (Luke) told all that Jesus did and taught.
– Our salvation is based on what Jesus did, not what he said or thought.

2) We need to understand Luke before we can truly understand Acts.
-Luke 4:14-30 is Jesus’ first recorded sermon in Luke. In this passage,
he states He is the fulfillment of Isaiah 61:1-2a.

3) Isaiah 61:1-2a says the Messiah will keep the aspects of Jubilee when he comes. This refers to Leviticus 25 where God tells the Israelites to celebrate the Year of Jubilee every 50 years. During this year, they are to:
– cancel all debts that anyone owes them
-release any fellow Israelites who sold themselves into slavery
-return any inheritance to its rightful owner
-start Jubilee on the Day of Atonement when the high priest went into
the Holy of Holies and sprinkled blood for the atonement of the
Israelites sins

4) There is no evidence the Israelites ever kept the Year of Jubilee. Isaiah knew this and stated the Messiah would keep it.

5) In Luke, Jesus said He was the Messiah and he would fulfill Jubilee. The rest of Luke tells how Jesus released people from the slavery of sickness and disease, loved the poor and marginalized people around Him and freed people from the bondage of their sin.

6) In Acts, the early church continued Jesus’ mission. Through the power of Jesus Christ, they healed sick people, sold fields to help anyone in need and offered the forgiveness of sins.

7) We are writing Acts 29 today. As modern day Christians, we are called to continue offering Jubilee to those around us through the power of Jesus Christ. This happens through our actions and not just words or good intentions.